If you have a Swedish significant other and aren’t Swedish yourself, you’ll undoubtedly experience the following :

Likewise, you’ll inevitably feel inspired or obligated to learn Swedish. Everybody has to start somewhere, but don’t start here:

Start here:

Have Simple Conversations

Listen to Pimsleur lessons (30 min each) on your commute. At the beginning of each lesson, you’ll listen to a brief Swedish conversation. You won’t understand most of it; you’re not expected to. By the end of the lesson, you’ll not only understand the conversation, you’ll be able to participate in it yourself. And your pronunciation will be quite impressive. You can find a copy of the lessons at your local library.

Build Your Vocabulary

Review Memrise flashcards whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Memrise uses memes and spaced repetition to help you remember what you learn. Its user friendly app keeps you engaged and removes the tedium that often comes with flipping through flashcards. You can create your own flashcard decks or you can review community decks.  A wonderful person shared a deck of the 8000+ most common Swedish words, and this is my favorite resource! Even knowing just the first 150 words greatly improves your comprehension. The official Memrise Swedish deck is also worth mentioning. Use it to study phrasebook sentences and vocabulary.

Keep up with current events

Read, watch, and/or listen to news in simple Swedish. It will be difficult and time-consuming at first, but stay with it! This is great way to stay informed about what’s happening in Sweden, to learn relevant contextual vocabulary, and to practice and improve your comprehension.

Have fun!

Seriously, have fun! Make Swedish a part of what you like to do. Enjoy cooking? Try out some traditional Swedish recipes. Love listening to music? Find Swedish artists on Spotify or Youtube. Interested in research and innovation? Follow Swedish companies and universities to learn about their latest projects. This will help you stay motivated to learn Swedish, especially when studying starts to feel like a chore.

Studying with fika helps me get through boring grammar drills.


My name is Sue, and I’m a student and freelancer based in New York. I’m teaching myself Swedish with the help of my husband, Lars Magnus the Swede, and despite the help of our cat, Taffy the Destroyer Sweet. I started this blog mainly for myself–to keep track of my progress and my resources–but hopefully it will also be of some use to you. Helpful comments are always welcome.

Hej hej! Jag heter Sue, och jag är student och frilansare som bor i New York. Jag lär mig svenska med hjälp av min man, Lars Magnus, och trots “hjälp” av vår katt, Taffy. I början var den här bloggen bara för mig. De var ett sätt att följa mina framsteg och mina resurser. Men nu hoppas jag att det ska bli andvändbart för dig också. Hjälpsamma kommentarer är alltid välkomna.