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I love watching Swedish movies and tv shows! It’s a fun way to supplement my learning, and it helps keep me from getting stuck in a rut. When I first started learning Swedish, I watched anything and everything I could understand. Now that my Swedish is better, I can afford to be picky. In Swedish, as in English, I opt for movies and shows that are:
  • dark, sarcastic, witty
  • irreverent
  • ironic as all hell
  • full of jokes on jokes on jokes
My favorite English language shows include Arrested Development, Archer, Key and Peele, Frasier, Game of Thrones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Broad City, The Nightly Show, Frisky Dingo,  Home Movies, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Below are some of the Swedish movies and shows I’ve enjoyed and, in some cases, casually liked. Love them, hate them, have others to recommend? Do leave a comment.  
Welcome to Sweden
Maria Wern
Jävla klåpare
Tiffany Persson arbetstränar
Må underbart med Tiffany Persson
Full patte
Vetenskapens värld
Halv åtta hos mig
På spåret
Vem vet mest
Tror du jag ljuger?
Bytt är bytt
Sound of Noise
Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

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